Friday, May 13, 2011

Cody [My Cousin : By Marriage]

This is for you Cody! [truly] You're the one guy that faithfully reads my posts! I knew you secretly loved having me in the family [its ok if you don't openly admit to it - deep down I know] You wanted it and have asked for it and so here it is....
Readers : Cody is the Tallest one in the Photo [Welcome Cody!]


and only white for my font color....ok so not only you'll have to live withe the aqua color..... but don't worry in small bits and phrases. [what I can't change my style entirely!] and instead of more colors to accentuate things I'll make them BOLD or Italic or UnderLine. I think it'll help fill my creative needs. I might even do big and small fonts [not too small of course!] 

So here's to you Cody! My best blogging buddy [& possibly one of my fave cousins by marriage!! - shh don't tell the others ;) 

Yes short sweet & to the point [sorry can't be like this all the times - too much happens ya know!]

All My Love,

Btw: do you know how hard it is to do a post in white color font? [its a daunting task!] & Cody I'm STOKED about your engagement!! 

Seattle & Supercross [We Made it Super!]

So yesterday I gave you the must knows [I know not as exciting as what you're about to read] So here's the trip!

We arrived on Thursday and spent the day catching up on family. And then Because I have an AWESOME uncle he made us some sizzling dinner! It was more a less a kick back and relax evening and enjoy adult conversation [it was quite the stimulating discussion: seriously

Pike Place [love it!]
The next day we spent going to the Market [Pike's Place!] and going to the Japanese $1.50 Store [it was wall to wall awesome!] We also snagged some exotic fruits at the Japanese Market [I neglected to take a picture sadly!] But know this the fruit was from all over the world and absolutely delectable! [I recommend dragon fruit to everyone!] We also enjoyed some home cooked Hot Wings that night! [delectable] which of course my Uncle cooked!

Eric, Nola, Uncle Damon [Adorable!]
My Little Nola [so cute!]

Ryan Villopoto [hott!
Kevin Windham [just as hott!]
I love his riding gear! [its purple]
Saturday: The main event! Monster Energy Supercross!! It was AWESOME. We went and had lunch at my Uncle's restaurant. Best part about this is instead of ordering a meal he just brought the table samples of everything for us to share. [Best part about having your Uncle as head chef!] You also might think you wouldn't get full but we were stuffed! [literally - best Italian food ever!] Now as for the Supercross we arrived and wandered the Pits [where all the riders buses are at and the booths] This year I managed to spend like nothing compared to last year on Supercross Gear! And I also got some great shots of Villopoto and Windham! Our seats this year were the BEST in the house! I was even interviewed by Mrs. Supercross [you should be feeling jealous about now] She gave me a t-shirt and loved my flower head piece! Ryan Villopoto didn't take first this race but he did in fact win the season!! [right on!] Traffic was so bad we didn't make it home until like 11 but it was worth the day at the Supercross! Yes I do have plenty of photos for this event [enjoy]

Bubba Stewart [he took first]

Best Market Ever! [ever!]

Pacific Ocean [Cold!]

We then spent Sunday [the day we were suppose to go home] hanging around town. We took a trip back to the Market and I got interviewed by some students about the iPad and they paid me $10 [it was sweet!] This time I bought the flowers I wanted [there are NO better flowers than those sold @ Pike's] We then went to Krispy Kreme because they have THE best doughnuts! [there was no way I was leaving with out Fresh doughnuts!] Then the next part was highly anticipated! I've swam in several bodies of waters yet have not been in the Pacific Ocean! Now while I still have not actually swam I did enjoy a walk in the Pacific Ocean [it was indescribably cold!!] We walked the beach for a while and then headed back to my Aunt & Uncle's place. Yep I documented the day! [see? :)

Oldest Facer Girl & Youngest! [family]

Hubby & Wife! [love]
The post was really just to share the photos with you and since you couldn't be there to experience now you can experience through photos! [enjoy - catch ya tomorrow!

All My Love,

Biggest Supercross Fans [ever!]
P.S. All these photos help you really experience the vacation [& make up for lack of actual photos in previous post!]

Jammed Packed [Lots To Tell]

Current Mood!
So I say I'm back and then I disappear for nearly a month [what's up with that?] I figure I'd call myself out. I promise I've wanted to post just had things that had to be taken care of before I could blog. 

As you can see I've gone through and redone the blog. I've actually settled on this one for a while. [until my mood changes again] And get this you can actually see the words. [well of new posts

So what all do I have to say [plenty] Should I back track and break down blog post after blog post or do one jam packed overloaded post? [which will your brain prefer]

There's so much to discuss! Seattle, Etsy [why I changed my blog purpose back] Work, School, my Crafts, and of course the Count Down to GEORGIA!

The Count Down [So on! 11 Days
So as for Etsy [this one isn't entirely big news] if anyone has been checking I've not got anything up for sell yet. The truth is I've been busting my butt to finish up ThankYou cards for two separate weddings [250 for one & 200 for the other] In between breaks of each set of Thank You cards I've been working on more and more things for you all to purchase and see. I've also been making my home a bit more homey

Vandal Territory [we Kick Butt!]
Home for instance: I making a Vandal plaque to put above the door [so everyone knows this is Vandal Territory!] I made a summer wreath for the door [it even has zebra ribbon!] And last I've made vinyl wall hangings for my sister's moving in this summer! [3 weeks!! & Counting] So stay tuned on Etsy because come this summer[i.e. once I'm back from Georgia] You'll have plenty to browse through and purchase plenty of things to brighten your day, home, and hair! 

School: I've been working on withdrawing [to no avail!] And the news I received yesterday was that I had in fact been able to medically withdraw from this semester!! [wow I'm moving right along with this: no sense overload?!]

We Sell More than iPhone [truth!]
Work has been amazing! [no denying it!] Like a 180! and really I guess that's the most of what I have to say. I won a contest and I'm actually hitting numbers [of course this month they're a little low] But none the less I'm making changes and I LOVE my job and after all shouldn't we LOVE what we do! [you should]

Well speaking of work it's off to work [sell those Phones!] I'll be back tomorrow with more [Promise!

All My Love