Friday, May 13, 2011

Cody [My Cousin : By Marriage]

This is for you Cody! [truly] You're the one guy that faithfully reads my posts! I knew you secretly loved having me in the family [its ok if you don't openly admit to it - deep down I know] You wanted it and have asked for it and so here it is....
Readers : Cody is the Tallest one in the Photo [Welcome Cody!]


and only white for my font color....ok so not only you'll have to live withe the aqua color..... but don't worry in small bits and phrases. [what I can't change my style entirely!] and instead of more colors to accentuate things I'll make them BOLD or Italic or UnderLine. I think it'll help fill my creative needs. I might even do big and small fonts [not too small of course!] 

So here's to you Cody! My best blogging buddy [& possibly one of my fave cousins by marriage!! - shh don't tell the others ;) 

Yes short sweet & to the point [sorry can't be like this all the times - too much happens ya know!]

All My Love,

Btw: do you know how hard it is to do a post in white color font? [its a daunting task!] & Cody I'm STOKED about your engagement!! 


  1. I have no idea where the black background under the text came from....but I assure you I'm working on it :)

  2. There are certain things someone could say in this instance. I have nothing to say but a list, because I like lists.

    1. Thank you
    2. Huh?
    3. Where did you get my picture? Is it just a link to it?
    4. Who shot J.R.
    5. Thank you